Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is the film for which this weekend was cleared out by other cinematic works of art. While expectations are high for Dawn, the numbers it generates will not possibly make up for the amount we are down coming into the week.

And aside from that, the openings last year totaled almost 79 Million. While that may be within a couple standard deviations of the likely opening of Apes, we would have to see Apes greatly exceed that to get us to even year over year this next week.

The path downhill continues for a few weeks yet with a glimmer of reversing the trend first appearing on 8/1 with Guardians of the Galaxy. Lucy

on 7/26 is looking stronger than ever, but compared to The Wolverine in 2013, even though our favorite X-Man was disappointing, Lucy doesn’t look to have the claws to best him.

Lucy by the way was screened to confused reactions. Clearly it will open and the trailers are good, but whether it connects with audiences and critics to hold to a good multiple is an open question.

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