The three films opening this weekend will extend the year over year increase streak but that will largely be due to the lead from the current week.

Overall, this year the new openings will possibly be about even with last year and maybe a bit under, but the strong, about 26% increase that this week will notch should keep the numbers above last year. The biggest test will come on the opening of the 2nd Quarter with Furious 7 opening against Captain America: Winter Soldier. Cap posted about 95 Million last year and currently we have Furious at about 80, but reports from screenings are good and look like it may go well beyond that.

Divergent: Insurgent looks as good as Divergent but with 3D it should post a bigger number, not a hugely bigger number, but bigger.

The Gunman probably will suffer from old guy R rated action fatigue, that and the reviews which are not great.

Do You Believe? better get some help from the faithful. It is not being looked for much and judging from tweets and other want to see figures, not much interest is out there.

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