As promised the three openings though they were softer than predicted combined to crush the totals from last year. Maze Runner paved the way at the top with nearly 33 Million, short of most expected numbers which hovered in the upper thirties, but certainly not a bad number at all.

A Walk Among The Tombstones came in right about where it was expected while This is Where I Leave You fell just a bit short. The combined power of the three boosted grosses to about 24% beyond that which was posted in the equivalent week in 2013.

Next week, there will be significant competition from 2013 as Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 earned a formidable 34+ Million and was bolstered by a few lesser performing films. This year we depend on Boxtrolls and Equalizer to carry the opening weekend weight. If they manage to pull in figures on the upside of their potential, they should with the 24% lead in for current films make for a bit of an uptick over 2013’s week.

In any case the numbers will probably be close this weekend with a challenging week on 10/3 which boasted Gravity in 2013. Gone Girl the hugely popular novel which screened very well last week may help get us near 2013 if it starts to track strongly.

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