Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are the latest box office craze. Opening to an unexpectedly strong 65 Million the hard shelled reptiles eclipsed Guardians of the Galaxy to claim the box office crown.

In general everything except Step Up All In came in ahead of expectations, but not necessarily by much. Hundred-Foot Journey scored just a bit above our range and Into the Storm managed to beat estimates by a little bit.

The net result of this surprising surge in late summer box office is that we are up almost 17% over the equivalent week in 2013. This augers well for continued erasure of our 2nd quarter box office deficit.

Next week we move on to three more films that should help to continue that trend. Let’s Be Cops, The Giver, and Expendables 3 should combine to reach at least the numbers the new films generated last year, and with the 17% lead in, we should again be in positive year over year territory.

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