Hot Pursuit turned out to be a bit cold.

Grossing approximately 13.3 Million over the three day weekend, it managed to barely crack the bottom of the range we had forecast Thursday. . At the same time Avengers: Age of Ultron took the predictable swan dive from the huge numbers posted last week. These two led the numbers to a somewhat disappointing () decline from 2014.

A continuation of the year over year underwhelming results will be in evidence next weekend. Even with strong numbers on Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road (and by strong we mean something in the 35 – 45 Million range for each), the two combined will not add to the total of Godzilla last year. From then on we will probably not see a year over year improvement until perhaps 6/5 when things turn brighter for the end of the second quarter.

Our expectation is for a diminution of our year over year lead, dwindling to almost even with 2014. The 3rd Quarter will probably have ups and downs and the real strength for 2015 will be in the stellar lineup in the 4th.

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