Square power dominated the weekend and turned what looked like a lackluster frame into something special.

Aside from the Spongebob Movie, holdovers were remarkable, down a mere 27%. A lot of that of course is due to strong turnout for Oscar contenders, but ever films like Wedding Ringer enjoyed much better than normal run continuations. Of course that is primarily due to the drops on last Sunday due to the 49th Super Bowl.

Spongebob of course performed far better than anyone had dared to hope at nearly 56 Million, finally displacing American Sniper from its long held perch in the number one spot. The two other openings, Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son did not surprise. Jupiter managed to open just under our estimated range at 19 Million and Seventh Son scored at the bottom of our estimated numbers at 7 Million.

So instead of a double digit loss relative to 2014 we have about a 1% gain, and 2015 continues to prove that people still know the difference between big screen T.V.s and bigger screen out of home entertainment.

What’s next you ask (or maybe you didn’t but I’m going to tell you anyway)? Well, a big damn weekend for women is what. Fifty Shades of Grey is the guilty pleasure for women unveiling its naughty pleasures next weekend. While it isn’t really resonating with men, it is the whispered favorite among the ladies. An opening of north of 60 Million is anticipated and it could certainly go higher.

Kingsman: The Secret Service may provide the counterpoint for those men not hoping that accompanying their significant others to 50 Shades will prove later rewards. Expectations are for a decent 30+ Million opening, bringing us a year over year increase of something over 30% for the Valentine’s Day weekend. Ensuing in subsequent weeks are some lesser grossing titles, but the run up over 2014 continues for the time being.

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