Well box office took a smaller caliber hit than was expected this weekend, and not because Nightcrawler or Before I Go to Sleep won the surprise of the week award for outperforming expectations.

The folks at Open Road should be pleased with Night-crawler’s crawling above 10 Million however as we hear that they start to make money on this film at a fairly low total box. Before I Go to Sleep was as expected snoozing all weekend.

Though we are sort of proud of mostly nailing our estimates, we do wish they came in on the higher side instead of more or less average. And yes Saw 10th was a disappointment.

The good news was that the soft openings did little to block the ongoing strength of the holdovers, and being down only about 28% from last year the overall take managed to slip a more modest 23%, less than the – 24% we had projected.

Next week the pity party is over. Interstellar and Big Hero 6 will bow. Interstellar will of course open 11/5 in those precious few emulsion enabled houses that have dusted off their old projectors (thanks Chris, we invested billions in digital and now this?) and 11/7 in general digital release.

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