What’s that you hear, the sound of box office slowly catching up with 2013? Yes that is exactly what happened this weekend. We predicted it would be up 14% and amazingly enough. That is exactly what transpired, at least if the estimates are correct.

While the World Series destroyed totals in Kansas City where we are baseball starved for a winner after almost 30 years of false hope, the rest of the continent seems to have done just fine. Ouija as predicted led the race with about 20 Million, right about where we thought it would land, and John Wick came in at about 14.1, again right about where we thought it would land. Okay enough straining our triceps patting ourselves on the back for excellence in guessing the future.

John Wick managed to wick up about 2.5 Million on 347 IMAX screens this weekend, better than expected results for the return to action for Keanu Reeves. That 2.7 translates to a healthy 19.1% of the domestic total on Mr. Wick if our trusty calculator is calculating on all batteries.

IMAX is poised to blast off with Interstellar starting in less than 10 days with a record number of IMAX engagements. Buckle up.

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