Recent Title Changes
New Title   Old Title Distrib   Rel Date
Father Figures   Bastards (2017)   Warner Bros.   12/22/17
Nicole   Untitled Disney Fairy-Tale #1 (2019) [Live Action]   Buena Vista   11/08/19
Artemis Fowl (3D)   Untitled Disney Live Action (2019)   Buena Vista   08/09/19
Aladdin (3D)   Untitled Disney Fairy-Tale #2 (2019) [Live Action]   Buena Vista   05/24/19
Untitled Christopher Robin Project   Untitled Disney Live Action Fairy-Tale (2018)   Buena Vista   08/03/18
Insidious: The Last Key   Insidious: Chapter 4   Universal   01/05/18
Tyler Perry’s Acrimony   Tyler Perry’s She’s Living My Life   Lionsgate   03/30/18
The Post   Untitled Steven Spielberg   Fox   12/22/17
The Upside   Untitled Kevin Hart/ Bryan Cranston   Weinstein Company   03/09/18
Pacific Rim Uprising   Pacific Rim 2   Universal   03/23/18
Bumblebee   Transformers 6   Paramount   12/21/18
Wonder Woman 2   Untitled WB Event Film III (2019)   Warner Bros.   12/13/19
Only The Brave   Granite Mountain Hotshots   Sony / Columbia   10/20/17
Dumbo   Untitled Disney Fairy Tale (Live Action)   Buena Vista   03/29/19
The Greatest Showman   The Greatest Showman on Earth   Fox   12/25/17
Recent Release Changes
Title   Distributor New Date   Old Date   Changed
Untitled Blumhouse Productions Project (2019)   Universal   09/06/19   New   Last Week
The Equalizer 2   Sony / Columbia   08/03/18   08/10/18   Last Week
Paul, Apostle of Christ   Sony / Columbia   03/28/18   New   Last Week
The Equalizer 2   Sony / Columbia   08/10/18   09/14/18   Last Week
Second Nature   Smarthouse   09/08/17   New   Last Week
Shot   Paladin   09/22/17   New   Last Week
Crash Pad   Vertical Entertainment   10/27/17   New   Last Week
Spooky Jack   Universal   09/17/21   New   Last Week
The Croods 2   Universal   09/18/20   07/10/05   Last Week
Big Sonia   Argot Pictures   11/17/17   New   Last Week
Signature Move   Newcity   09/29/17   New   Last Week
Halloween (2018)   Universal   10/19/18   TBD   Last Week
Window Horses   First Pond   09/29/17   New   Last Week
Ad Astra   Fox   01/11/19   New   Last Week