Recent Title Changes
New Title   Old Title Distrib   Rel Date
The Greatest Showman   The Greatest Showman on Earth   Fox   12/25/17
Hazlo Como Hombre (Do It Like An Hombre)   Untitled Pantelion Film   Pantelion   09/01/17
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom   Jurassic World Sequel   Universal   06/22/18
Jigsaw   Saw: Legacy   Lionsgate   10/27/17
Alpha   The Solutrean   Sony / Columbia   03/02/18
Happy Death Day   Half to Death   Universal   10/13/17
Goosebumps 2   Goosebumps Horrorland   Sony / Columbia   09/21/18
Goosebumps Horrorland   Goosebumps 2   Sony / Columbia   09/21/18
Granite Mountain Hotshots   Granite Mountain   Sony / Columbia   10/20/17
Bride of Frankenstein (2019)   Untitled Universal Monster Franchise Film (2019)   Universal   02/15/19
The Angry Birds Movie 2   Angry Birds 2   Sony / Columbia   09/20/19
Scooby   Scooby Doo Feature   Warner Bros.   05/15/20
Untitled Disney Animation (Nov 2021)   Untitled Disney Animation (Nov 2020)   Buena Vista   11/24/21
Untitled Disney Live Action Fairy-Tale (2018)   Untitled Disney Fairy-Tale (2017) [Live Action]   Buena Vista   08/03/18
Glass   Untitled Universal Event Film (2019)   Universal   01/18/19
Frozen 2   Untitled Disney Animation (3-D)   Buena Vista   11/27/19
Magic Camp   Untitled Disney Live Action #1 (2018)   Buena Vista   04/06/18
Dark Phoenix   Untitled Fox / Marvel Film #2 (2018)   Fox   11/02/18
New Mutants   Untitled Fox / Marvel Film (2018)   Fox   04/13/18
Deadpool 2   Untitled Fox / Marvel   Fox   06/01/18
Half to Death   Untitled Blumhouse Horror Project (2018)   Universal   10/13/17
Recent Release Changes
Title   Distributor New Date   Old Date   Changed
Paradise Club   Indican   08/12/17   New   Last Week
The Lucky Man   Indican   08/26/17   New   Last Week
Ribbons   Indican   08/19/17   New   Last Week
Simple Creature   Indican   08/05/17   New   Last Week
30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story   Indican   07/28/17   New   Last Week
A Taxi Driver   Well Go USA   08/11/17   New   Last Week
Some Freaks   Good Deed   08/04/17   New   Last Week
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (2017 Re-Release)   Sony / Columbia   09/01/17   New   Last Week
Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House   Sony Classics   09/29/17   New   Last Week
The Leisure Seeker   Sony Classics   01/19/18   New   Last Week
Happy End   Sony Classics   12/22/17   New   Last Week
Novitiate   Sony Classics   10/27/17   New   Last Week
Bobbi Jene   Oscilloscope Pictures   09/22/17   New   Last Week
The Reagan Show   Gravitas Ventures   06/30/17   New   Last Week
Score: A Film Music Documentary   Gravitas Ventures   06/30/17   New   Last Week
Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge   Society Films   06/30/17   New   Last Week
Untitled Fox/Marvel Film (2021)   Fox   03/05/21   New   Last Week
Untitled Fox/Marvel Film III (2020)   Fox   10/02/20   New   Last Week
Untitled Fox/Marvel Film II (2020)   Fox   06/26/20   New   Last Week
Untitled Fox/Marvel Film I (2020)   Fox   03/13/20   New   Last Week
Untitled Fox/Marvel Film II (2019)   Fox   11/22/19   New   Last Week
Untitled Fox/Marvel Film I (2019)   Fox   06/07/19   New   Last Week
Top Gun (2019)   Paramount   07/12/19   New   Last Week
Nimona   Fox   02/14/20   New   Last Week
The Force   Fox   03/01/19   New   Last Week
Bad Times At The El Royale   Fox   10/05/18   New   Last Week
Anubis   Fox   TBD   New   Last Week
Anubis   Fox   N/A   03/23/18   Last Week
The Happytime Murders   STX Entertainment   08/17/18   New   Last Week
Molly’s Game   STX Entertainment   11/22/17   New   Last Week