Recent Title Changes
New Title   Old Title Distrib   Rel Date
Half to Death   Untitled Blumhouse Horror Project (2018)   Universal   10/20/17
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle   Jumanji (2017)   Sony / Columbia   12/20/17
Annabelle: Creation   Annabelle 2   Warner Bros. (New Line)   08/11/17
The SpongeBob Movie   SpongeBob SquarePants 3   Paramount   08/02/19
Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2   Untitled Wreck-It Ralph Sequel   Buena Vista   03/09/18
Saw: Legacy   Untitled Saw Film   Lionsgate   10/27/17
3 Generations   About Ray   Weinstein Company   05/05/17
Rough Night   Rock That Body   Sony / Columbia   06/16/17
Trolls 2   Untitled Universal Event Film (2020)   Universal   04/10/20
Atomic Blonde   The Coldest City   Focus Features   07/28/17
Phoenix Forgotten   Phoenix (2017)   Cinelou Films   04/21/17
Running Shaadi   Reliance Big Pictures   02/17/17
Scarface (2018)   Untitled Universal Event Film (2018)   Universal   08/10/18
Ferdinand   The Story of Ferdinand   Fox   12/15/17
Minions 2   Illumination Entertainment Franchise Film (2020)   Universal   07/03/20
Star Wars: The Last Jedi   Star Wars: Episode VIII   Buena Vista   12/15/17
Recent Release Changes
Title   Distributor New Date   Old Date   Changed
Half to Death   Universal   10/20/17   01/05/18   Last Week
Insidious: Chapter 4   Universal   01/05/18   10/20/17   Last Week
The Shape of Water   Fox   12/08/17   New   Last Week
Whisky Galore   Arrow Films   05/12/17   New   Last Week
Drone   Screen Media   05/26/17   New   Last Week
Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe   First Run   05/12/17   New   Last Week
The Killing of the Sacred Deer   A24   11/03/17   New   Last Week
Meri Pyaari Bindu   Yash Raj   05/12/17   New   Last Week
A Beginner’s Guide to Snuff   Indican   06/16/17   New   Last Week
Jasmine   Indican   05/26/17   05/12/17   Last Week
7 Witches   Indican   04/21/17   04/14/17   Last Week
Glory (2017)   Film Movement   04/12/17   New   Last Week
Night School (2018)   Universal   09/28/18   New   Last Week