Far and away, The Lego Movie crushed both expectations and competition this past weekend with an amazing 69+ Million over the weekend. If you were a film buyer given a choice of aggregate or scale for terms for this one, we hope you took aggregate as it looks like at a minimum we will see something over a 200 Million total before the little plastic toys are broken apart and repurposed for Lego Movie 2: Lots More Money.
Monuments Men was not quite as monumental as it appears it will fall just a bit below the low end of our estimate range. Still and all it was a solid opening that appealed principally to the over forty crowd.

The poster for Vampire Academy reads “They Suck at School”. The box office totals might argue that there may be more things they suck at, however, the target audience women under 40 would beg to differ as to the merits of the film. The women have voted and found the film quite good according to poll results on IMDBPro. Women overall gave it 8.9 out of 10 while males were less laudatory scoring it at 5.1. This argues for possible better than usual holdover prospects.

Next week comes the Valentine’s Day onslaught. Typically Valentine’s Day brings about a spike in the numbers if it falls mid-week. This year with the dating holiday happening on a Friday that spike might be a bit muted since Friday is a big movie going night anyway. Still, Friday should be the ruler of the weekend given the lover’s event. Ironically, the biggest film opening will be RoboCop, which smartly scheduled on 2/12 looks like it will win the new opening derby. However, if Lego shows typical animation holdover staying power, it will remain number one.

Gravity’s run in IMAX will be supplanted next week with RoboCop on 2/12.

Here are a few of the published opinion statistics.

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