This Week’s Wide Releases

This week we get drama, horror and religion. While sometimes these three thematic elements are combined into one film, we see each in a separate entity this weekend.
Gone Girl the extraordinary best seller by Gillian Flynn has been crafted into a well-reviewed film by David Fincher. While it is not expected to hold like Saving Mr. Banks, the demo profiles for the two films are similar. Gone Girl has spiked from last week and should continue to ascend with positive reviews and buzz this week.

Annabelle is the horror du jour, looking a lot better than the last, As Above, So Below. It suffers from an R rating which may limit the audience, but is polling similarly to Insidious 2.

Left Behind will be the film left behind this weekend. It is trailing Son of God in numerous areas and may score in the low teens. Some of these do tend to leg out, and the book series it is based on was very popular. Notably Son of God was not one that scored much of a multiple.

Gone Girl


Left Behind

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