Guardians of the Galaxy may be the most entertaining film in several years. Currently carrying a 100% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, film buyers were universally ecstatic after seeing this film. One was reported as saying “This is how people must have felt in 1977 after the trade screening of Star Wars”.

Hyperbolic as that might be, Guardians should score well in all age ranges and all demos. Disney has turned one of the lesser lights of Marvel’s universe into a franchise. We saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes open to 72+ Million. Guardians is running just a smidgen behind, but could easily end up in that territory. Holdover prospects are strong as well. Could possibly be the biggest film of the summer.

Get on Up the biopic of James Brown isn’t finding the traction that 42 did. 42 was pulling a much bigger cross over share than 42 and the African American levels of interest are running a bit lower. The godfather of soul will probably generate something in the low to mid-teens on opening weekend unless interest increases substantially between now and Friday.

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