Tammy is the leading contender for new opening queen today. Opening Wednesday as do Earth to Echo and Deliver Us From Evil, she should score numbers in the mid to upper 30’s for 5 days. Comparing to The Heat from last year, the interest metrics show Tammy slightly ahead of Heat, but word from screenings is that it may not be what the marketing makes it out to be. That is, Tammy is less of a comedy than a drama with comedic elements.

Earth to Echo is kind of a SciFi kid friendly feature that hints of ET but isn’t really making much of an impact.
The last sort of similar film seems to be I Am Number Four, but the comparison is much weaker. Earth to Echo
may not break 10 million this weekend or for 5 days.

Deliver Us From Evil looks like another sort of ordinary horror film, the last of which, Oculus scared up about 10
or so million on opening weekend. We’re in the middle of the summer now so we should see somewhat better results,
but low to mid teens are probably the likely result.

Also opening Wednesday is the political documentary America from the staunchly conservative activist Dinesh D’Souza who recently pleaded guilty to a felony charge of making illegal political campaign donations. Whether that helps or hurts the numbers is an open question. In a limited run of three theatres this past weekend the weekend total is estimated at 39K. Lionsgate indicates about 1000 runs will break Wednesday. Given the not particularly strong limited opening, 2 Million would probably be a huge stretch.

Here is a breakdown of how the five days might go based on 2002, the last time 7/4 fell on a Friday. Of the 5 day gross, Wednesday=20%, Thursday=17%, Friday= 21%, Saturday= 25%, Sunday= 17%. Of course the world may have changed a bit in the last 12 years.

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