This Week’s Wide Releases

A cornucopia of film debuts this weekend, vying for entertainment supremacy against MLB pennant races (Go Royals), with something for nearly every age and every inclination.

Men, Women, and Children goes wide but is likely going to appeal to a select audience that is more appreciative of Jason Reitman. Look for this to perform in major metros as opposed to others.

The Book of Life has kid friendly written all over it with particular interest in the Latino community, but overall should play well in the typical animated houses.

Fury is pulling interest numbers similar to Edge of Tomorrow but not on Wikipedia page views. It suffers from not being in the summer and not exactly having the cool SF factor that Edge did.

The Best of Me isn’t scoring as strongly as the last Nicholas Sparks romance potboiler Safe Haven, particularly in the vital female demographic. Safe Haven was over 20 Million but had the benefit of a better date (near Valentine’s Day) and perhaps a more attractive (in terms of popularity) cast.

Men, Women, and Children

Book of Life


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