The weekend’s winner will be little plastic snap together toys once again. They may come with a warning about supervising small children playing with them so as to avoid accidental ingestion, but the box office numbers are nothing for theatre owners and Warner Brothers to suffer from indigestion over.

Blowing past the Friday date night numbers on About Last Night, Endless Love, Winter’s Tale and that quintessential romantic couples movie RoboCop, Lego’s Saturday totals left all others looking skyward.

We had estimated RoboCop to reach the mid-twenty millions but it fell short a bit while we were pretty close on About Last night with an estimate average of about 25 Million. Endless Love looks like it will be just a couple hundred thousand below the 14 Million bottom number we estimated and Winter’s Tale, well the audience has spoken and said, our 12 Million guess was aggressive.

IMAX reports RoboCop pulling in about 4.5 Million on 340 IMAX screens this weekend, a little over 20% of the total domestic take. Next week, Stalingrad opens exclusively IMAX for one week in North America followed by 300: Rise of an Empire on 3/7.

The ultimate result of this weekend is that box office number will be up a substantial 27% this holiday weekend.
Next weekend we open 3 Days to Kill from Relativity and Pompeii from Sony. These compete against the less than impressive totals of Snitch and Dark Skies from 2013. While neither film this year will be likely to bust any blocks, they should contribute enough that we continue on the upward march against the totals from 2013.

Here are a few of the published opinion statistics.

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