The Amazing Spider-Man 2 slung his web over box offices everywhere. Opening to an estimated 92 Million, right in the range that was expected, his super powers way outclassed last week’s top grosser, The Other Woman. Other Woman did however hold on to a respectable portion of its previous week’s gross proving that there is a market for women who want to see revenge meted out on men.

As was predicted, we will be significantly off from last year in terms of total box office. The massive opening of Iron Man 3 could not be matched and that left us with a 30% deficit versus last year. Holdovers also suffered in the face of the Marvel superhero as well. Spidey captured a whopping 61% of the total market this weekend, leaving scant room for others. IMAX comprised a significant percentage of the ASM2 total at about 9.3 Million domestic. Globally it should see about 25 Million by Monday.

Next week, the challenger for top spot will be the Seth Rogen comedy Neighbors. Neighbors is looking pretty strong as of now and could challenge Peter Parker for the top rung of the dollar ladder next week. Spidey would probably have to drop at least 55% for this to have a reasonable chance of happening and that isn’t all that unlikely given its near 100 Million dollar opening.

Also debuting is Moms’ Night Out which will pick up a decent female crowd again with some potential to go beyond the low teens, and Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return. Oz looks like it might make it into double digits given there should be a clear run for it in capturing the kid crowd. The outlook for next week is negative as well and it will continue through May.

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