An enormous post-Thanksgiving weekend was realized thanks to the giant new hit Frozen (yes it opened the week before but it was as limited as it could get) and the continuing monster hit, Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

The other new entrants to the box office sweepstakes, Homefront and Black Nativity did not fare nearly so well. Black Nativity under-performed our estimates while Homefront fell squarely where we expected. Happily we can report that Frozen went beyond our most exuberant hopes and thrilled theatre owners everywhere. The overall increase over last year is near a phenomenal 90%.

Given the big numbers, the lack of a holiday Friday, and the traditional drop off on the week after Thanksgiving we will see a big drop in the numbers next week. However that big drop will be far above the numbers posted last year. The lone opening next week is Out of the Furnace, opening on a limited basis 12/4 and expanding 12/6 is not expected to get north of 10 – 12 Million right now.

IMAX reports a new record for the Thanksgiving weekend with Catching Fire with 8.6 Million on 346 screens. Internationally it delivered 2.5 Million on 250 screens.

All in all, Black Friday wasn’t so black after all, I see it as a much brighter shade of green.

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