Lionsgate’s I, Frankenstein seriously under-performed everybody’s expectations (none particularly lofty) this weekend. However the industry still managed to finish ahead of last year. With an estimated 8.3 million in domestic box office, it fell short of the low teen expectations that were mostly anticipated.

With a Rotten Tomatoes review score of 5% and generally unfavorable numbers among Flixter respondents, word of mouth must have gotten out and suppressed the numbers. Again, we see an interesting contrast between online polling and Cinema Score results. Cineamascore of course interviews a self-selected audience that chose to go see the film, but results of a B are very much apart from the online polling numbers as seen below.

Next week, only two films come into wide release, That Awkward Moment and Labor Day. Neither is expected to post numbers that would make a theatre owner give praise to the cinema gods, but last year’s openings weren’t exceptionally strong. Warm Bodies was the best of the bunch at 20.4 million, but Bullet to the Head was the only other significant wide release scoring only about 4.5 million. With a lead of only 5%, the prognosis for next week’s comparison to 2013 is at best even.

Here are a few of the published opinion statistics.

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