Edge of Tomorrow will probably be the male number one choice this weekend unless they think something good will happen if they take their wives/significant others to Fault in Our Stars. Oblivion is the clear front runner for a comparison film and the main difference is that Edge isn’t as strong among females (surprise, the ladies are going to Fault). But Edge is getting terrific reviews. So maybe a better multiple is likely.

The Fault in Our Stars is ridiculously strong among women, especially young women. Some are estimating a number that could reach almost 50 Million, similar to Divergent. However Divergent had a much stronger male component than this and Edge will divert the guys. Nonetheless the strength of this opening will probably boost considerably the likelihood of the box office eclipsing last year’s take.

So all in all, the openings should make for a very close race between this year and 2013. The odds tilt toward 2014.

Next week, the battle is still raging year over year when How to Train Your Dragon 2 and 22 Jump Street match up against Man of Steel and This is the End. Right now, it’s too close to call.

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