The two films opening this week are 300: Rise of an Empire which is drumming huge male interest and moderately female interest. The R rated sword and sandal slash and slug fest looks to capitalize on the original 300’s popularity. The director is different, Zach Snyder only producing and screen writing, but the buyer screenings were fairly favorable. 300 would be an interesting comp except that this is a sequel. GI Joe was on a parallel but somewhat less lofty track last year.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman is the latest in the Fox/Dreamworks animation teaming. As is typical we see a skew toward younger females who might be taking the kids along, but there is also a spike in older individuals who fondly remember the classic (if ill drawn) Rocky and Bullwinkle show from which the film has its origins. Buyers indicate that there are significant adult references that could help entertain the older folks as well as the kids here. The Croods which opened around this time last year seems an apt comparison.

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