Godzilla drastically under performed said absolutely no one with even the most tenuous grasp of reality this morning. His 93 Million was foretold by the huge Thursday numbers. On Friday we foresaw totals in the mid 80’s. Instead we got monstrous grosses in the low 90’s. Damn. How unlucky is that?

The lone other wide opening Million Dollar Arm hit just about where it was supposed to at 10.5 million. We thought maybe a little higher bottoming at 11, but it is pretty much within expectations. The two films combined to drive box office well beyond that which was anticipated for the total box office this weekend. Instead of a down week, we will likely finish at about 16% up. That should set the stage for an improvement in our overall expectations for the second quarter and possibly let us finish the first half year a little above last year.

Next week comes another in the parade of big damn openings. X-Men: Days of Future Past will with near certainty dethrone Godzilla for the top spot. However the year over year race will be tough. Last year with some 168+ Million in fresh opening the hurdle will be high for X-Men and Blended to produce bigger numbers. X-Men may well be the next in line to open over 90 million for the 4 day weekend, but Fast & Furious 6 combined with Epic and the unfortunate Hangover 3 will doubtless end up with a bigger total.

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