This Weeks Releases: The Intern, Hotel Transylvania 2, and The Green Inferno are set to debut this weekend, the last of 2015’s third quarter.

The Intern shows that age and wisdom can still have a place in this comedy about a retired executive who takes a position as a senior intern at a dot com company. With Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro

Hotel Transylvania 2 continues the saga of the denizens of the Hotel Transylvania and their ghoulish guests. An animated tale aimed at the younger and younger thinking among us.

The Green Inferno has some unfortunate do-gooder activists travel to the Amazon rain forest with the best of intentions. The jungle’s cannibalistic residents have other entirely different ideas.

Demographic/Age Group Interest Charts for Selected Films.
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The Intern
Demo Appeal
Hotel Transylvania 2
Demo Appeal
The Green Inferno
Demo Appeal
For a Look at the Future

Key to Age/Gender Graphs:F15 = Female 13-16,F20 = Female 17-20,F25 = Female 21-25,F35 = Female 35-44,F45 = Female 45+.M = Male follows the same age groups. Bars represent which groups have the most/least interest in the film relative to the overall interest. Example 150% = 1 1/2 times as interested as 100%. 50% = 1/2 as interested. Overall Interest is ranked 1 – 5. 1 = Lowest Overall Interest, 5 = Highest Overall Interest.

Previews of This Week’s Films

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