This Weeks Releases: The Visit and The Perfect Guy break the R rated stranglehold on the theatres these past few weeks. Both are rated PG13

In The Visit M. Night Shyamalan takes a step toward recharging his career with this suspenseful tale of kids visiting their not so normal and not so loving grandparents.

The Perfect Guy a woman having gone through a difficult break up finds herself in a relationship with what may be the perfect guy, or is he?

Demographic/Age Group Interest Charts for Selected Films.
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The Visit
Demo Appeal
The Perfect Guy
Demo Appeal
For a Look at the Future

Key to Age/Gender Graphs:F15 = Female 13-16,F20 = Female 17-20,F25 = Female 21-25,F35 = Female 35-44,F45 = Female 45+.M = Male follows the same age groups. Bars represent which groups have the most/least interest in the film relative to the overall interest. Example 150% = 1 1/2 times as interested as 100%. 50% = 1/2 as interested. Overall Interest is ranked 1 – 5. 1 = Lowest Overall Interest, 5 = Highest Overall Interest.

Previews of This Week’s Films

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