Your guide to this weekend’s new movies.

X-Men: Apocalypse was clearly the better of the two opening films this past weekend and while the grosses were not apocalyptic,they were a tad disappointing, falling well short of X-Men: Days of Future Past, the last in this profitable and long running sector of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On the other hand, Alice Through the Looking Glass left shards of broken mirror all over the Disney lot as it dramatically failed to extend the studio’s streak of blockbusters. A sequel to the very successful Alice in Wonderland, it was profoundly disappointing both monetarily and critically.

Now that the summer season has been extended to early May, it seems Memorial Day weekend no longer holds such a lofty place in the pantheon of coveted opening weekends. After two straight years of disappointing holiday results, one begins to wonder.

Next week as always the industry rises up and throws three more new films into the mix. Will they demonstrate great art? No. Will they add some pop to the box office? Well some, but honestly we’re looking at a mediocre set of openings at best.

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