This Weeks Releases: Three films this week have already made their debuts on Wednesday.

The Good Dinosaur from Disney/Pixar examines what might have happened if the dinosaurs had not been wiped out by an asteroid. Charming animation from Pixar.

Creed is a coming of age story centered around Apollo Creed’s illegitimate son and the relationship that develops between him and Rocky Balboa as Rocky undertakes the role of mentor and trainer.

Victor Frankestein examines the life (in a sort of tongue in cheek way) of the monster’s creator.

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Demographic/Age Group Interest Charts for Selected Films.
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Key to Graphs:F15 = Female 13-16,F20 = Female 17-20,F25 = Female 21-25,F35 = Female 35-44,F45 = Female 45+.M = Male follows the same age groups. Age Group and Overall Interest Ranked 1 – 10, 1=Lowest, 10=Highest.

The Good Dinosaur
Demo Appeal
Victor Frankenstein
Demo Appeal
Demo Appeal

For a Look at the Future

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