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Top 10 Films: Weekend of 02/27/15
Rank   Title Wk   Wknd$   Cume$
1   Focus   1   19.10  19
2   Kingsman: The Secret   3   11.75  86
3   Spongebob Movie: Spo   4   11.20  140
4   Fifty Shades of Grey   3   10.93  148
5   Lazarus Effect, The   1   10.60  11
6   McFarland, U.S.A   2   7.80  22
7   American Sniper   10   7.70  331
8   DUFF, The   2   7.15  20
9   Still Alice   7   2.69  12
10   Hot Tub Time Machine   2   2.40  10

Analyst’s Commentary

Another moderately unspectacular week is in store. (read more…)

Massively wintery weather affected much of the nation this weekend an atmospheric phenomenon that without a doubt depressed grosses across the east and south, not to mention our own home town here in the Greater Kansas City Area. (read more…)

One moderately good and one almost adequate opening are on tap this last weekend of February. (read more…)

Expectations for yet another in the string of year over year increases are diminished this week as the newbie openings are up against strong competition from last year in Son of God and Non-Stop which combined pulled in about 54 Million over the equivalent weekend last year. (read more…)

As was forecast, the weekend openings were unimpressive. (read more…)

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