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Top 10 Films: Weekend of 04/24/15
Rank   Title Wk   Wknd$   Cume$
1   Furious 7   4   18.26  321
2   Paul Blart: Mall Cop   2   15.50  44
3   Age of Adaline, The   1   13.38  13
4   Home   5   8.30  154
5   Unfriended   2   6.24  25
6   Ex Machina   3   5.40  7
7   Longest Ride, The   3   4.37  30
8   Get Hard   5   3.91  84
9   Monkey Kingdom   2   3.55  10
10   Woman in Gold   4   3.50  22

Analyst’s Commentary

We don’t normally report on international grosses in this section, but Avengers: Age of Ultron is worth talking about. The global take this weekend was 201 Million, Disney estimates that this is 44% ahead of the original Avengers and 24% ahead of Iron Man 3 in like territory comparison.

IMAX reports that Ultron set new records overseas delivering 10.4 Million on 175 screens. The best per screen average for IMAX ever. Impressive.

The Age of Adaline opened right in our target range of 13.- 17 at 13.75 Million, but as predicted overall box office is down. Fortunately this turned out better than expected as holdovers were fairly strong, off only about 32%.

Next week of course Avengers: Age of Ultron opens in the domestic market. Judging from the international openings we are looking at a record 3 day total. Where it goes from there of course is for the public to decide, but 600 Million is not out of the realm of possibility.

And yes, we will be up next week considerably. The 3 day total for Avengers should alone surpass the 151 Million recorded for the weekend of 4/25/2014.


Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 bumbles his way back onto the big screen this weekend. (read more…)

We were right about some things, wrong about others. What we were right about was that The Longest Ride would manage to open in the low to mid teens. (read more…)

Unfortunately The Longest Ride is looking more like The Best of Me than say Safe Haven or The Lucky One. (read more…)

I wish I could say that it was a shocking surprise, but the opening of Furious 7 while about 11% better than we had optimistically estimated wasn’t really shocking at all. (read more…)

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