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Top 10 Films: Weekend of 03/27/15
Rank   Title Wk   Wknd$   Cume$
1   Divergent Series: In   1   54.03  54
2   Cinderella   2   34.49  122
3   Run All Night   2   5.12  20
4   Gunman, The   1   5.01  5
5   Kingsman: The Secret   6   4.60  115
6   Do You Believe?   1   4.00  4
7   Second Best Exotic M   3   3.45  24
8   Focus   4   3.30  49
9   Chappie   3   2.65  28
10   Spongebob Movie: Spo   7   2.35  159

Analyst’s Commentary

There were two films till Radius/Weinstein got religion and decided to capitalize on the success of It Follows and go with an expanded theatrical run before going VOD. (read more…)

It looks like a close race to the top this coming weekend. Both films are expected to produce pretty strong results and close out an excellent first quarter that will move into a very interesting spring session. (read more…)

While all three films performed pretty much as expected (though Divergent: Insurgent fell about 5% under our range) the holdover numbers in particular on Cinderella were not as strong as we had anticipated. (read more…)

The three films opening this weekend will extend the year over year increase streak but that will largely be due to the lead from the current week. (read more…)

As was expected Cinderella (IMAX reporting 5 Million of the total, a record for PG 2D) threw off a big number this weekend with about 70 Million, dwarfing the opening of Run All Night which debuted at about 11 Million. (read more…)

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