Top 10 Films: Weekend of 07/25/14
Rank   Title Wk   Wknd$   Cume$
1   Lucy   1   44.03  44
2   Hercules   1   29.00  29
3   Dawn of the Planet o   3   16.40  172
4   Purge: Anarchy, The   2   9.90  51
5   Planes: Fire & Rescu   2   9.30  35
6   Sex Tape   2   5.98  27
7   Transformers: Age of   5   4.60  236
8   And So It Goes   1   4.50  5
9   Tammy   4   3.40  78
10   Most Wanted Man, A   1   2.72  3

Analyst’s Commentary

Guardians of the Galaxy may be the most entertaining film in several years. Currently carrying a 100% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, film buyers were universally ecstatic after seeing this film. One was reported as saying “This is how people must have felt in 1977 after the trade screening of Star Wars”. (read more…)

Lucy on the basis of strong advance interest and a good marketing campaign led the way with a 44 Million plus opening, (read more…)

First let’s recall that we are up against the formidable opening of The Wolverine last year. (read more…)

And So It Goes is not a reference to Kurt Vonnegut’s phrase in Slaughterhouse Five referring to fate’s fickle hand. (read more…)

Despite a drop of about 50% (more or less fairly decent for a big damned opening) Dawn Of the Planet of the Apes could not be purged from the top rung of the box office ladder this weekend. (read more…)