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Top 10 Films: Weekend of 10/31/14
Rank   Title Wk   Wknd$   Cume$
1   Ouija   1   20.01  20
2   John Wick   1   14.15  14
3   Fury   2   13.00  46
4   Gone Girl   4   11.10  124
5   Book of Life, The   2   9.80  30
6   St. Vincent   3   8.06  9
7   Alexander and the Te   3   7.02  46
8   Best of Me, The   2   4.74  18
9   Judge, The   3   4.35  34
10   Dracula Untold   3   4.30  48

Analyst’s Commentary

Tis a scary time. No it is not because of Halloween which has now become a party period for scantily clad witches, sexy superheroes, and little ones running around overfeeding on sugar. No, it is because Halloween falls on Friday, and that means Friday is scary awful in terms of box office.
Thus until the numbers recover on 11/7 (and possibly a bit on 11/5 when Interstellar opens in the few locations that still have actual film projectors, thank you Christopher Nolan for that homage to the luddite-ish emulsion era).

Nightcrawler may well crawl its way to the top spot this weekend but the totals it throws will not be particularly inspiring. Strong reviews will probably help it hold on though as the rest of the inventory starts to run out of gas (possible exception Gone Girl will likely chug along nicely).

Before I Go to Sleep</span will not really wake up. If it gets to 5 Million celebrations will break out spontaneously. Right now it it on track to come in close to the forgettable numbers posted by Paranoia in summer 2013.

Saw: 10th Anniversary Edition, what can be said, after the 175th sequel we thought it might be time to relax and not have to think about this appearing on the big screens again. Not so grasshopper….dismemberment is back for the weekend and. It might hack off a few million hard earned consumer dollars.

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Before I Go to Sleep

What’s that you hear, the sound of box office slowly catching up with 2013? Yes that is exactly what happened this weekend. We predicted it would be up 14% and amazingly enough. That is exactly what transpired, at least if the estimates are correct.

While the World Series destroyed totals in Kansas City where we are baseball starved for a winner after almost 30 years of false hope, the rest of the continent seems to have done just fine. Ouija as predicted led the race with about 20 Million, right about where we thought it would land, and John Wick came in at about 14.1, again right about where we thought it would land. Okay enough straining our triceps patting ourselves on the back for excellence in guessing the future.

John Wick managed to wick up about 2.5 Million on 347 IMAX screens this weekend, better than expected results for the return to action for Keanu Reeves. That 2.7 translates to a healthy 19.1% of the domestic total on Mr. Wick if our trusty calculator is calculating on all batteries.

IMAX is poised to blast off with Interstellar starting in less than 10 days with a record number of IMAX engagements. Buckle up.

Next week though we anticipate a downward trend as the two debuts, Nightcrawler, Saw 10 Anniversary reissue are not expected to post the kinds of numbers seen with last year’s Ender’ s Game, Free Birds, and Last Vegas. We are forecasting about a 28% decline currently with a strong rebound as the aforementioned Interstellar and Big Hero 6 lift up the numbers the weekend of 11/7.

Yes, another week where we should experience an increase over last year. And yes probably another week after that, but then the weekend of 10/31 the numbers should drop, but only briefly.
The future depends in no small part on the success of Interstellar and Big Hero 6.

Interstellar got pretty mixed buyer reactions, but is getting terrific advance interest. Whether or not one needs some knowledge of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity to fully comprehend the themes of the movie, there will be much box office generated by it. Another on the same week will be the expected success of Big Hero 6. Is it this year’s Wreck-It Ralph or this year’s Frozen. Frozen would be better but Ralph was pretty damned good.

John Wick is showing up strong on the internet, but that happens a lot with male dominated R rated films. In other measures, it is not as rosy. However reviews are very good so far and it could push a little beyond its expectations.

Ouija, the film inspired by the game is another of the horror conundrums. Relative to other horror films it isn’t getting the internet buzz that has propelled others to unexpected heights (ie: Annabelle) but there is a fair amount of interest in it demonstrated by other measures. Halloween is around the corner and it is a PG13 rated film which might help increase the breadth of audience.

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John Wick


A little breather between big films is apparently in order this weekend. (read more…)

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